Acrobatic Yoga: My review of “Acroyoga: Mommy and Me” the acrobatic yoga system designed to revolutionize your yoga practice and your connection to your children without leaving the comfort of your own home

 yoga momAcroyoga: Mommy and Me: A beautifully produced manual with you, the yoga parent and your kids in mind (My Review)

Whether you are a long-time practitioner of yoga or brand new to the practice this manual is for you. This guide will help you to achieve a new kind of yoga practice and connection with your child like you have never experienced before.

A manual for yoga moms

If you are reading this chances are you are a parent and either already practice yoga and want to include you child(ren) or are looking for a fun and exciting activity to do together. “Acroyoga: Mommy and Me” solves both of those problems.

  • Suitable for kids of all ages
  • A great way to include your kids in your daily practice
  • Perfect for connecting with children on a deep spiritual and emotional level
  • Fun and easy
  • Also can be adapted for use between adults

mom yoga

yoga with mom

A new way to connect with your kids

In a world where video games and social media tend to absorb much of a child’s time and attention you are quite possibly struggling to find ways to connect with and involve your kids into this practice of yoga that we love so much.

Acroyoga Demystified

mother and baby yogaPerhaps you have never heard of acroyoga or (acrobatic, partner yoga, or tandem) perhaps you like millions of others around the world have fallen in love with this amazing and transformative practice and wish there were a way to include your entire family. This book will help you to….

  1. positively connect and grow stronger with your kids
  2. how to start a daily practice with your family
  3. the principles of acroyoga
  4. the benefits of acroyoga for people of all ages
  5. the art of partnership through communication and cooperation
  6. mental and physical therapeutic benefits of acroyoga

Easy to use step by step instructions with full color photosyoga with mommy

Everything about this book was designed with you and your kid(s) in mind. From easy to follow mount and dismount instructions to the process of each form is described in words and pictures so that your kids can start flying with ease.

A sense of accomplishment for you and your child

  • Flow charts are provided for you which include: warmup, full practice, and celebration  for quick reference.
  • The sounds of laughter and enjoyment will be the end result for both you and your child(ren).
  • Shared confidence and pride in what you can accomplish together that you might have believed impossible before.


What others have said about “Acroyoga: Mommy and Me”

By Angelica on June 13, 2016

I am thrilled with this book. I no longer have to tweak my neck watching videos to figure out how to do AcroYoga. My daughter and I both look at the images, read the instruction and we are doing poses we never thought possible. I really love the clear images, photos and step by step easy to follow instruction that allows me and my daughter to practice at home. I highly recommend this product! It is very professionally done and I can’t tell you how much my daughter is enjoying the time we spend together laughing, connecting and having fun. I can’t wait for their couples version to come out. I have already preordered a copy!

By Aimee R. on June 6, 2016

The photos and wording really helped a rookie like me learn and become more in tune with myself. I am thrilled with this book! I was never a yoga person but my children are so physical so I use this book with them! The photos and wording really helped me learn and become more in tune with myself and my toddlers! The kids love it because they love doing what mommy does! It’s a fantastic way to bond with the kids while keeping it playful!

By Jane D. on June 5, 2016

What an amazing book to help me bond with my daughter! Very informative and easy to follow instructions!!


If you love yoga and you love your kids, you need this book. We have found similar products out there but nothing compares to the ease of use, and professionally assembled nuggets of goodness to be found here. Don’t wait another second, order your copy today so you and yours can get started learning and laughing together as soon as possible! Much Love!

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